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Protection board SMT OEM service

Technology Specification

Product Specification

Five SMT lines and 7 SMT machines. With a daily output of more than 1 million points, a single shift can produce more than 200000 pieces of single section protective plate. At present, the product line is from single double section board to 24 section power board.

FUJI high-speed mounter, UNIVERSAL multi-functional mounter, JUKE medium and high-speed mounter, HEELLER 1800 sixteen temperature zone reflow soldering and other combined production lines. In order to meet the needs of customers for quick delivery, the company adopts AOI appearance inspection and automatic function detector. There are 12 full-automatic detectors, ordinary configuration boards, testing 150000-200000 pieces / day, Seiko or Ricoh configuration board, testing 150000 pieces / day.

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